Where does a jeweler go to learn the best practices and find reputable companies to partner with in order to grow their business?

The Carat Connect Coalition Council for Jewelers

A consumer education site explaining the problems with and our solutions to the inconsistencies in diamond grading. We strengthen and restore consumer confidence in jewelers by outlining the perils of buying diamonds online and help them with navigating choices and concerns between lab or natural diamonds.

Welcome to the NEXT Generation of LEAD Generation

The next generation of lead generation is a multi faceted approach to Expanding your Sales Pipeline. The keys to improving are maximizing your Exposure, your Sell through ratio and your People

It is your name, OWN IT!

Protect your personal and professional identity…they say the best defense is a good offense...I say the best defense IS A GREAT DEFENSE. Then link to donaime.com Donaime.com: Protect you personal and professional identity by deliberately defining how you are the best at something a specific market cares a lot about. Coming soon.


Why the connection catalyst?

My passion is choreographing mutually beneficial relationships so both parties can stay focused on what they do best. As the saying goes: “it ain’t what yah know...it’s who yah know”

How does the 4C’S (Cara Connect Coalition Council) 4 JEWELERS work?

I believe the natural outcome from being useful is making money that is why this network was designed specifically to foster connections with the right people who have the right ideas in order to deliver bigger outcomes even faster than expected.


The next generation of lead generation will maximize your Engagement, Staff and Profitability. In order to expand your Sales Pipeline just remember E$P...Easiest deliverable service, highe$t paying ticket item and positioning.

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