Propel your Personnel

Invest in People’s Personal and Professional Development

The biggest detriment to any businesses’ bottomline, regardless of the industry, is employee turnover. My biggest take away from running my own company and the struggles that come with it was the realization that the true job of any leader is building human capital. 

Being able to identify potential is valuable, but the rate in which you develop that potential is directly proportional to the rate of your organization’s growth. If you want your business to be successful, make the realization of your employees’ dreams and aspirations your business. 

Be a catalyst for the enhancement of your employee’s quality of life and they will pay you back 10 fold.

  • 80/20/ B2T/ best Day
  • What is sales?/ perceived value/ stories sell
  • Objections/ not ready to hear message/ 12 touch
  • SE/BO/elevate your staff
  • Basic needs (heard & understood)/ WDIDW/ WCIDB